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Surveyors and Notaries join forces

After an initial, fruitful roundtable organised in Stuttgart, during INTERGEO in September 2015, the Surveyors and Notaries are continuing to collaborate on how to improve cooperation between the two groups. They are planning workshops and other common activities in the coming years. This will be formalised in a common road map. By Jean-Yves Pirlot and Bénédicte...
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An App to organise Flood Response

CLGE’s delegate for Germany, Clemens Kiepke, has developed a spatially-based  smartphone application to organise the work of volunteers during flood emergencies. He shows the social relevance of geoinformation and surveyors in a highly efficient way. Perhaps this will act as an incentive for others to develop similar applications or to take part in our Europe-wide...
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Zagreb, the center of European GI – PosKEN meeting

CLGE took part in two important events in Zagreb from 24 to 26 November 2015: the second PosKEN meeting and the CLGE Seminar on Utility Cadastre, both hosted by the Croatian State Geodetic Agency. By Mairolt Kakko, CLGE Vice-President, Estonia PosKEN meeting 24-25.11 This was the second time for the Positioning Knowledge Exchange Network to meet. The...
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