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New owner of the BARTHAUER GROUP

Life means change – one has to let go of the old in order for something new to be created. It was in this spirit that Jürgen Barthauer passed the BARTHAUER GROUP entirely into the hands of his long-standing business partner and co-creator Anis Saad on 31 July 2018. Saad is...

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Meaningful Mapping

When it comes to determining what a particular object is, nothing beats a personal inspection. With a ground survey, one can see the object, and if necessary, photograph it, measure it and record notes about it. For small areas, it’s a perfectly viable approach.

But what if the task is to identify...

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BIM Meets Reality on the Construction Site

BIM models are mostly used by foremen on construction sites. But what if they could be made available for workers at the press of a button? This question was what the Finnish government-funded KIRA pilot project set out to answer. As a by-product, the project also produced augmented reality...

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