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MAIA M2, a new and light multispectral camera

The potential offered by RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) in environmental prevention and monitoring is related to the possibility for sensors to fly over areas of interest. In the last decade proximal sensing technology saw a great development both with regard to sensors (lightweight multispectral and iperspectral sensors) and platforms (aircraft, helicopters, RPAS).

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Bentley acquires Synchro Software to extend 4D construction modelling

Introducing time dimension to synchronize BIM processes with work packaging, immersive visualization, and constructioneering, by way of Connected Data Environment (CDE).

Bentley Systems announced the acquisition of Synchro Software, headquartered in London, leader (and the market creator) in 4D construction modelling software, for scheduling and project management. Synchro, “construction’s time machine,” has...

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When every millimetre counts

When thinking of common laser scanning applications, capturing intricate 3D objects or structures comes to mind. Flat, dark surfaces, just like the asphalt of the Zalaegerszeg test track in western Hungary, do not escape, however, the realm of High Definition Surveying (HDS). A 3D smart digital reality of this unique proving ground was...

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Sentinel-2 – More Than Meets the Eye

Welcome to the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Every day we take in visual cues and make observations of the world around us. In many cases, we take the things we see to be self-evident, that they simply are as we perceive them to be. Other times, we more closely analyze and...

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