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Mapping South Africa with twice the performance

More than 90 years ago, National Geospatial Information (NGI), a component of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR), commenced with the establishment of an integrated survey system and provision of extensive mapping coverage of South Africa.

NGI, is also known as the national mapping agency...

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The Link

A Belgian design-build firm integrates a new class of surveying instrument into tram-link construction

By Gavin Schrock 

Like many cities, Antwerp, Belgium, has a long-term initiative underway to greatly reduce vehicular traffic and move existing traffic around and under the city center. The goal is to get more people to...

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Earth-i releases its first full-colour video of Earth taken from space

‘New Space’ pioneer Earth-i released the first video taken by VividX2, the technology prototype for its Vivid-i constellation. Launched on 12 January 2018, VividX2 is the world’s first commercial satellite able to provide full-colour video of life on earth. Weighing 100kg and measuring approximately 1 cubic metre, VividX2 is orbiting at 505km above...

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HP accelerates digital transformation of manufacturing

  • Customers worldwide ramping up 3D printing installations;

  • More than 3 million Multi Jet Fusion parts produced in last year alone; 

  • Breakthrough program to digitally reinvent HP product lifecycle

At the world’s largest 3D printing user event, the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference, HP en Inc. showcased new large-scale customer deployments and its...
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