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Operating Drones Under New FAA Regulation

To coincide with the new Small UAS Rule, aka Part 107, Commercial UAV News announced the release of a free online report that helps define what it means to legally fly drones under the new FAA regulation that went into effect today. The ruling represents a critical moment that will forever change the commercial drone...

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Aerial laser maps reveal WWI Battle

An aerial survey using aircraft mounted lasers has revealed previously undiscovered evidence that might potentially help to dispute accusations of a lack of determination by Welsh soldiers during the first Battle of the Somme in the Great War of 1914-1918. Aerial mapping company Bluesky flew an area of northern France called Mametz Wood, capturing accurate...

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Augmented reality turns geo IT applications into a real experience

It’s almost as if augmented reality (AR) had only just been invented. Pokémon Go – the revival of the classic game Pokémon – has turned the hunt for virtual monsters into a global craze. AR is neither new nor an unknown quantity, though. At INTERGEO 2016, a large number of companies will be showcasing their...

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what3words Addresses Rio’s Summer of Sport

Brazil will be teeming with tourists this summer, with an extra half-a-million visitors expected in Rio de Janeiro during August alone. But despite the new venues, and the city’s notoriously poor addressing system, athletes, tourists and logistics workers don’t have to get lost. what3word’s unique 3 word addressing system has been integrated into numerous mapping...

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