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What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.0: A video tour

Watch the video below and let the Esri software development teams who build ArcGIS Pro take you on a grand tour of what’s new in the 2.0 release.

  [embed][/embed] To produce this video, each team chose new functionality they thought you should know about and then recorded a 30-second-or-so...
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GNSS in a Cold Climate

It’s the coldest, driest and windiest continent on Earth which many might understandably prefer to leave well enough alone. It is however home to 70% of the world’s fresh water and 90% of the all the ice on Earth which, if it melted, would raise sea levels by almost 70 m...

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Drone inspections go nuclear with GPS and RADAR

How do you inspect a structure that’s almost 160 m high and 120 m in diameter? With a few weeks to spare, a crash course in abseiling and head for heights, you could certainly give it a go. Imagine however that you need to collect enough data for a 3D model...

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