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INTERGEO 2017: Topics that get the geo-IT sector noticed

The 2017 INTERGEO season is underway, with a programme fully reflecting its long-standing key focus – “Knowledge and action for planet Earth”. Once again in 2017, the leading international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management’s hot topics will highlight ground-breaking developments and projects of a dynamic geo-IT sector.

With COPERNICUS, as one of its...
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INTERGEO Smart City Solutions

Cities are the vibrant hubs at the heart of our society. They are the source of many pioneering developments. They are the laboratories of the future – a place for living, thinking and preparing for what is to come. INTERGEO is the world’s leading communication platform for geoinformation, geodesy and land management, and in its...

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How are Civil Infrastructure Professionals Using Drones in 2017?

The inspection of structures like roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and railroads is a task that can often be made more efficient, effective and safer with drone technology. The traditional costs associated with inspecting these pieces of infrastructure are often so exorbitant that officials will often simply avoid performing the task. That neglect is...

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How are Survey & Mapping Professionals Using Drones in 2017?

The significance of the new rules for non-hobbyist drone operations, aka Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, is monumental. Among countless other implications, Part 107 has opened the door to using drones on routine surveys, and many professional surveyors are now looking to use the tool to make short work of things like...

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