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Defending Elephants in Africa

Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo sits at the centre of a zone of human conflict that spans decades. Dwindling numbers of animals and increasing sophistication of poachers has led to a conservation fight that has been forced to professionalize. Armed groups involved in various conflicts in the Congo...

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Using eCognition to detect solar potential

Earth Imagery and image analysis software help lead more customers to the solar grid. Over the past decade solar’s “hard costs”—modules and inverters—have decreased by as much as 60 percent. Coupled with federal and state tax incentives and rebates, and more affordable financing options, the lower equipment prices have helped grow the U.S....

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An accidental surveyor schools the field

When Rebecca Evans arrived on site for the construction rehabilitation of Virginia’s Todd Lake Dam (TLD), she was certain of one thing: she would be the only female on the project site.

By Mary Jo Wagner 

“I’ve been on dozens of job sites and a lot of construction projects and...

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