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BIM Meets Reality on the Construction Site

BIM models are mostly used by foremen on construction sites. But what if they could be made available for workers at the press of a button? This question was what the Finnish government-funded KIRA pilot project set out to answer. As a by-product, the project also produced augmented reality...

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Generative Design in Architecture and Construction

In the new era of generative design in architecture, engineering, and construction, designers and builders will use computers not just to describe buildings, but cocreate them. Before GPS, if you got lost while driving your car, you had to swallow your pride and stop to ask for directions. With the help of the...

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DC embraces augmented reality to plan its future

Imagine touring Washington, DC, with an interactive virtual guide that shares fascinating historical details about buildings and monuments. You could listen to stories about people and events by simply pointing your device toward something to access relevant information. 

This scenario explains the capabilities of augmented reality (AR), a technology the National...

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