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A surveyor in London: Surveying Crossrail

The Crossrail project aims to deliver the Elizabeth rail line east to west across London and is one of the largest construction projects in Europe.

SCCS and the BFK (BAM-Ferrovial-Kier) worked together to provide surveying solutions to this massive undertaking.


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Tunnel Vision

A California firm blends technologies to make short work of a tight schedule and difficult conditions. 

By John Stenmark

John May is accustomed to taking on challenging projects. But even he soon recognized that this one would be different. Meeting the project requirements would involve multiple technologies, advanced software and...

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Leica Captivate – Did you know…

Leica Captivate offers a wide range of apps and it's likely you've never heard of most of themAs you know, your Smartphone does not come with all available apps loaded - there are loads of additional apps which you can install as needed. It's the same for...

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Mapping the world’s ecosystems

A Conversation with Roger Sayre, Senior Scientist for Ecosystems at the U.S. Geological Survey

Scientists have long mapped components of our planet’s ecosystems including soils, rocks, vegetation, and climate. More recently, the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observation (GEO) commissioned the first comprehensive maps that define all of Earth’s ecosystems. A team led by Roger...

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