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SITECO Implements Integrated Road Safety System for Italian Authorities

SITECO Informatica srl has developed and implemented an Integrated Road Safety System for the Road Safety Coordination and Monitoring Unit (CReMSS) of Italy’s Basilicata Region.

To meet the rigid tender requirements and increase the global awareness on road safety, the powerful SITECO Road-SIT software suite was adapted to achieve the following:
  • Data collection...
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European Space Solutions for Smarter Mobility

The European Space Solutions event features a 1-day workshop on how the road and traffic management sectors can benefit from European satellite navigation and Earth observation information.

The European Space Solutions event will take place on 1 June, 2016. Space and satellite navigation are key enablers for the delivery of the next...
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Integrating GIS into the Dutch National Curriculum

The need for a fundamental understanding of geography is recognized by the Dutch educational system where administrators have established topography as part of the national curriculum for secondary school education. This requirement helps students learn about the dynamics that drive political power, international trade, industrialization, climate change, national alliances, and many other impacts...

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