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Offshore Engineering & Rapid Design Verification with the DotProduct DPI-8 Kit

The DPI-8 Kit from DotProduct is a very powerful tool for accurate, rapid capture of complex 3D spaces in detailed color 3D. Operating entirely off the included Android tablet, this device is a highly impressive handheld solution for user friendly, real-time capture of small-to-medium sized scenes and objects.

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Precision Agriculture

Canadian agriculture has an international reputation for being highly productive and modern. It plays a major role in the country’s economy, and contributes to 8% of GDP (approximately $110 billion dollars) and 12% of jobs (2.1 million people).

Everyone involved in Canada’s agricultural sector (decision makers, producers and advisors) is aware of the environmental issues associated...
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SPOT celebrates three decades of success and innovation

On 22 February 1986, a unique success story began: Europe’s first Earth observation satellite, SPOT 1, lifted off from Kourou on board an Ariane 1 launcher. It opened the door to three decades of major technological innovations and a host of new applications. Meanwhile, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 represent the most recent steps of success...

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Data Visualization, Enterprise Resiliency Lead ArcGIS 10.4 Rollout

The release of ArcGIS 10.4 marks improvements in data visualization, spatial analysis, and stronger support for on-premises implementations.

Esri notes the following advancements in ArcGIS 10.4:
  • Vector tile maps you can create and share: Vector tiles download quickly to optimize display performance on any device. They add striking clarity and quality to maps, especially on high-resolution...
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