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UAVs in Precision Agriculture

Discover how and why UAVs are set to impact and change the way precision agriculture professionals operate.

Farmers and growers are quickly discovering the positive impact drones can have on their productivity and profitability. Drones / UAVs are reshaping everything from crop scouting and nutrient management to field mapping and water drainage, providing real-time data and...
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From UAV to BIM – How UAV data fits into the Scan to BIM work flow

We are moving towards a world where 3D is the expected format, whether it is in games, the cinema or indeed the world of construction and surveying. For the next generation to enter the construction workforce this will be the new normal. However, there is no doubt that its adoption in a commercial sense is...
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FOCUS 35 Shines in Nighttime Topographic Survey

When a topographic survey for the main runway of the East Midlands International Airport was performed during nighttime closure, the Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 robotic total station turned in a stellar performance.  Through cold November windy and rainy nights, with no task lighting permitted, the FOCUS 35 total station performed efficiently and flawlessly tracking the...
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