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First Highway Connection in China-Russia Trade Route

The CNY 2.4 billion Heilongjiang River Road Bridge connects Heihe, China to Blagoveshchensk, Russia, making it the first highway connection in the trade route between northeastern China and Far East Russia.

The 19.9-kilometer route incorporates a 1,284-meter cable-stayed bridge spanning the sensitive Black River Basin. The location has extreme seasonal temperature variations and strict environmental protection. An...
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Building homes in a matter of weeks

Here’s a question: with our global population growing so rapidly, and with construction as one of the least automated industries, how do we make sure we can provide everyone with a roof over their heads in the future?

Perhaps we’ll find the answer in Ireland, in the coastal town of Donabate, just...

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Esri Selected to Modernize Cyprus Cadastre

Cyprus has a rich, centuries-long history of individual landownership—and now will get one of the most advanced and encompassing digital cadastral systems of the modern age. In April, the Department of Lands and Surveys, within the Ministry of Interior, signed an agreement with Esri to upgrade its current GIS, called the Cyprus Integrated Land Information...

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New Coastal Road between main cities

On La Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, the New Coastal Road is being built - and it's an impressive project. When technical director Stéphane Magné tells us about the existing road, there is a strong sense of urgency: “The road is right next to a cliff, and rocks keep falling off along...

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