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China sets the pace globally for BIM advancements

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, reported respects in which China sets the pace globally for BIM advancements. This year, the independent juries of the Be Inspired Awards selected nine Chinese projects among 54 finalists, an unprecedented performance. In particular, the Chinese building industry is rapidly applying BIM advancements to achieve the benefits of “industrialized” processes. Mr. Jiefeng...

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Making Precision Maps without Ground Control Points

Tuffwing, a manufacturer of aerial mapping systems recently performed integration of Emlid Reach RTK to enable making precision maps without use of ground control points. The system was benchmarked by comparing direct georeferenced model with a set of GCPs, used solely for error detection purposes. Achieved lateral RMS error is just 4cm according to the...

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Photo Capture is Another Big Leap for Survey Technology

For land surveyors, and other mapping and measurement professionals, photo capture of 3D environments can seem like yet another sudden and threatening arrival of a disruptive technology—GNSS, robotic total stations, RTK, laser scanning, and UAS all come to mind.

On the one hand, the use of just a ‘pretty good’ digital camera, plus software, to create...
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One Step Ahead of the Civilian Drone Market

This year's European Satellite Navigation Competition, the world's leading innovation platform for forward-thinking applications in its field, centred on the topic of civilian drone use. On 25 October in Madrid, its 2016 edition culminated in an awards ceremony featuring prominent industry representatives and the winners of 32 categories, which included 11 drone applications. Rafael van...

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