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Leica VADASE release

Leica Geosystems has released Leica VADASE, the world’s first GNSS monitoring solution integrated into a stand-alone receiver detecting fast movements of man-made and natural structures in real time. Running onboard the Leica Geosystems reference station and monitoring receivers, Leica Velocity and Displacement Autonomous Solution Engine (VADASE) provides an in-depth look into fast movements using unique processing...
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A Winning GIS Formula

This column discusses the author´s experience with clients new to GIS. The five Key Ingredients Over the many years working with GIS I have found there are certain key ingredients which will make or break a GIS implementation. Its only though successes and failures that we have narrowed down common elements which need to addressed...
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MEP sees growing responsibilities for high-precision satellite observation technology

European Space Imaging received a visit from Dr. Angelika Niebler, Member of the European Parliament who wanted to gain an insight into the activities of the medium-sized company in Munich. Dr. Niebler was particularly interested in understanding the diverse European applications for optical satellite images in the quality of aerial photographs taken from around 700 kilometers...
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