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Extensis and LizardTech unite as one company

Extensis and LizardTech announced they are uniting as one global company to help organizations increase the ROI and value of their digital assets, fonts, and large imagery. Last year, Extensis and LizardTech collaborated on the development of new Portfolio asset geo-referencing capabilities that make it ideal for applications in the geospatial, infrastructure, AEC...

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Average Annual Daily Traffic Map Layer for Maptitude

Caliper announced the release of a free Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) map layer for Maptitude 2018 users.

This latest version includes fields with total AADT traffic count, semi-trailer truck count, single-unit truck and bus count, number of through lanes, and road classification. Annual average...
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PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica and GXL 2018

PCI Geomatics announced the release of Geomatica 2018, the company’s flagship software for complete and integrated desktop and enterprise geoimage processing.

Geomatica features tools for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geospatial analysis, mosaicking, and more that can be deployed through the Geomatica desktop, Python workflows, or through large-volume-production GXL...
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Rural Areas are the backbone of built-up areas

Rural areas form the backbone of built-up areas and are full of potential as spaces for living and working. Land development experts Dr. Ekkehard Wallbaum and Prof. Martina Klärle are convinced that a clever form of digitalisation can help rural living to blossom again. Rents in cities are going...

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