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Esri Releases Latest Version of ArcGIS FMV

Esri released the latest version of ArcGIS Full Motion Video (ArcGIS FMV), a technology designed to work with video from drones, manned aircraft, and stationary video surveillance cameras.

The release of ArcGIS FMV continues to expand the capabilities of ArcGIS as a complete, professional-level platform for managing, sharing, and extracting value from all forms of geospatial data. Imagery...
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Esri Workbook Teaches Spatial Analysis Techniques

GIS Tutorial 2: Spatial Analysis Workbook, published by Esri, will help experienced geographic information system (GIS) software users hone their spatial analysis skills using Esri's ArcGIS technology.

The fourth edition of this workbook(Spatial Analysis Workbook), updated for ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop or later versions of the software, includes step-by-step exercises that teach readers important analysis skills....
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EuroSDR Award 2016 for the best PhD thesis related to Geoinformation science

The research activities of the European Spatial Data Research(EuroSDR) network have developed over time through a collaboration of academia and national mapping agencies.

In order to further strengthen the collaboration and to involve young scientists in its research, EuroSDR has established an Award to reward recent PhD theses that have significantly contributed to the development of...
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Airbus Defence and Space Signs Distribution Agreement with ST Electronics

ST Electronics is now reseller for all satellite imagery and services from Airbus Defence and Space Intelligence’s portfolio in Singapore.

Airbus Defence and Space has signed with Singapore Technologies Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd (“ST Electronics”), as a channel partner for its satellite data and value-added products in Singapore. With privileged access to a unique...
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