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“Visualize Your Water” Challenge

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), with the assistance of the Department of Education (ED), are working with Esri to combat nutrient pollution. Nutrient pollution is one of the nation’s most difficult environmental challenges. While nutrients are essential compounds for functioning ecosystems and the production of food, fiber, and livestock feed, excessive...
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A World of Open Data

Nowadays, people are asking eagerly for Open Data and Open Government in order to gain access to unmediated facts and knowledge. Open data is, in fact, not a new idea. It is a way to share raw data with the public and put no limitations on its application. Open Government is a similar concept, encouraging...
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Geospatial Data in Taiwan – Focus on Integration

Supergeo’s application customer in Taiwan, Ministry of the Interior and the TGOS platform, has announced one of the biggest projects in the GIS field from ide@ Taiwan 2020 Policy: White Paper which focuses on the integration of internal geographic information data with smart cities and smart rural areas. The current project works to initiate the...
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