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Esri Debuts Solutions to Help Organizations Compete in FCC Auction

Enterprises of all sizes can now gain a competitive edge in the 2016 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 600-MHz spectrum auction using Esri Solutions for Smart Spectrum Analysis.

With three offerings available, Esri's solutions provide access to collaboration tools and authoritative data to guide companies' bidding processes. Esri's Solutions for Smart Spectrum Analysis give participants the intelligent mapping...
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Supergeo Webinar – Select the Best Site for Your Store

Site selection is always a core issue when you want to expand your business. The wrong site for a shopping mall may lead to unnecessary traffic congestion and extra delivery costs. Or an incorrect site for a military base will frequently disturb civilians and invoke unwanted conflict.

Since location can decide the fate of your facility,...
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SimActive and Delair-Tech Partner to Provide SNCF with a UAV Solution

SimActive Inc., a developer of photogrammetry software, is pleased to announce the purchase of multiple Correlator3D™ licenses by SNCF. The software is used in conjunction with UAVs from Delair-Tech, SimActive’s partner.

The collaboration between SimActive and Delair-Tech brings an unparalleled high-end solution to the drone mapping industry. The speed and accuracy of Correlator3D™, combined with the...
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