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Bluesky remote sensing data for WSP Smart Consulting

WSP, the global company providing management and consultancy services to the built and natural environment, is using a range of remotely sensed data from Bluesky to aid existing analysis and develop new techniques. Using the Bluesky data, including laser mapped 3D models, UK National Tree Map data, near infrared imagery and aerial photography,...

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Basics of Mapping with Geographic Information Systems

Esri published The GIS 20: Essential Skills, third Edition, a book designed to quickly prepare those who need to use a geographic information system (GIS).  The GIS 20 is aimed at readers who are new to or unfamiliar with GIS, such as a professional interested in using the technology on the job to conduct analysis...

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NedGraphics and IMAGEM partner on Smart M.APP Technology

IMAGEM and NedGraphics announced a strategic technology partnership on Smart M.App technology. This collaboration will help policy makers and managers in the Netherlands make data driven decisions by using predictive and cognitive solutions. 

NedGraphics is a leading geospatial service provider in the Netherlands, focused on combining geospatial technology with documentation and...

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Tersus launches BX306Z GNSS RTK Board

Tersus GNSS Inc. announced that it has launched BX306Z GNSS RTK board with powerful flexibility and compatibility to meet or exceed the needs of OEMs and system integrators.

As a new member of the BX-series GNSS OEM boards, BX306Z is a cost-efficient GNSS RTK board for positioning and raw measurement output. This...

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