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Virtually no other sector is growing and becoming more professional at a faster rate than UAS (unmanned aerial systems). The focus has long since moved beyond technical aspects such as drone hardware or software. The acquisition of attractive startups such as MAVINCI and Ascending Technologies by global players like Intel in 2016, and the great...

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LiDAR data viewer streamlines work of local governments

Warsaw City Office streamlines work with LiDAR data using LiMON Viewer and LiMON Server solution. The application is used in many departments of the City Office, but most of the licenses have been implemented in Architecture and Construction Departments of respective districts.

The software significantly facilitates performing spatial analysis and preparation of documents. Warsaw City Office...
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1Spatial Enables Northumbrian Water to Save £8.75m

An industry-leading, innovative partnership between Northumbrian Water and data management specialists 1Spatial, will help to enhance response times for customers who experience problems with the sewer network in and around their properties.

Key benefits are:
  • £8.75 million saved on survey costs for transferred networks, representing an 87% saving
  • Mapping completed in 1/8 of the time originally...
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Hemisphere GNSS Receiver for Machine Control Applications

Hemisphere GNSS, Inc. announces the Vector VR1000 Rugged GNSS Receiver. Designed specifically for harsh machine control environments, the multi-frequency, multi-GNSS receiver offers RTK positioning and high-precision heading. VR1000 adds another system component and empowers heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver their own machine control and guidance solutions to their customers.

“The Vector VR1000...

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