Huron Geomatics Inc. acquires Optech Maverick mobile mapping system

12 July 2017

Teledyne Optech announced that Huron Geomatics Inc. (HGI) has acquired an Optech Maverick mobile mapping system that will support the expansion of the company’s operations. HGI provides breakthrough DSM/DTM modelling, mapping, and asset inventory collection services in southern Ontario.

Weighing less than 9 kg, the Maverick integrates a lidar, a 360° camera, and an INS into an extremely small form factor that is easy to install, while maintaining the data quality. It is so light it can be mounted on a variety of platforms including a backpack or a Segway.

“Huron prides itself on using the latest innovative technology to help our clients reduce their project timelines and budgets,” said Doug Culbert, General Manager at Huron. “The Optech Maverick is a tool that will allow us to give our clients quick and reliable data with a myriad of applications to manage their assets.”

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