Success of Nottingham City Council’s Open Data Initiative Supported by FME & 1Spatial

18 February 2016

1Spatial’s Certified FME consultants supported Nottingham City Council’s use of FME technology to reduce the response time of Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) requests. Production of validated and redacted FOI responses for council spend data now takes just one hour per month, with significantly reduced manual input. The Council is now meeting government response targets despite a steady increase in FOI requests. Certified FME training and technical support from 1Spatial assisted in making this possible.

The technical expertise of 1Spatial, the spatial big data company, enabled the Council to create scheduled, rules-based automation using FME. The Council automated time-consuming processes, such as the redaction and checking of every one of the 15,000 council spend records, by creating user-defined data rules. Now the team checks just 50-100 exceptions as flagged by FME. The information is then automatically posted on the Open Data Nottingham site.

As a result, the Council has radically reduced its workload and improved performance against government targets for the publication of open data, response to FOI requests and building authoritative local geospatial data.

Nottingham now has over 90 different data sets on the city’s open data site. Popular sets include: food hygiene, planning applications and information on CCTV cameras. Having so much information available has driven local innovation too, like the gallery of applications created by citizens and organisations, which makes use of open data.

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