1Spatial helps the City of Marseille

1Spatial, the global spatial software firm which manages the world’s largest spatial data, helps Marseille’s GIS team to simplify the administration and management of its geospatial data and tools. 

Marseille, like many large, modern cities, is particularly concerned with developing the local economy and managing the local environment; creating an attractive place for people and businesses to locate. Geospatial data is central to many of the issues the city needs to manage and it has recognised that efficiently sharing authoritative data is an important function.

Marseille’s geospatial data had traditionally been held in isolated “silos” within different city departments and across the city’s arrondissements. Sharing data from many sources with a wide set of users quickly exposes any inconsistencies and the City had experienced some problems with data quality as a result.

Marseille’s GIS team wanted to simplify the administration and management of its geospatial data and tools. Marseille put the project out to tender and, having assessed all submissions, chose a proposal from 1Spatial. Together, 1Spatial and Pascal Giansily’s team (Marseille) developed a GIS solution that centred on a single, central data warehouse (an Oracle Spatial database, known to the team as the Unitor). The Unitor centralises all geospatial data, ensuring it is consistent, properly managed and authoritative.

Marseille now offers city managers 1,000 layers of geospatial features, sorted by theme. These include networks and cabling, urban planning, parking, taxi data and video protection. Updates are fed into the Unitor through Elyx Web so that the single, central database remains authoritative and there is no duplication or inconsistency.

Internet: www.1spatial.com

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