DigitalGlobe expands partnership with Orbital Insight

DigitalGlobe announces an expansion of the partnership with Orbital Insight, a geospatial analysis company that tracks socioeconomic trends at global, regional, and hyper-local scales. Within DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data platform, Orbital Insight’s machine vision engineers, artificial intelligence experts, and data scientists now have access to 400 terabytes of high-resolution imagery, an increase of nearly 80 times the data that was available for analysis under the previous partnership agreement.

Orbital Insight’s customers – hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies, and global humanitarian organizations – will now be able to understand near real-time global economic trends with even greater precision and scale. In one recent project, Orbital Insight leveraged DigitalGlobe imagery to process 4 trillion DigitalGlobe pixels in a 48-hour period, counting 700 million cars that yielded tradable insights into national shopping behavior for the company’s customers on Wall Street. This fall, Orbital Insight expects to release several new data analytics products, including worldwide monitoring of crude oil storage inventories and monitoring construction rates across the major cities in China, which are powered by DigitalGlobe’s image library and Geospatial Big Data platform.

“This expanded partnership with DigitalGlobe accelerates the realization of Orbital Insight’s vision for a macroscope, a scientific instrument for helping human society to see itself in a new light,” said James Crawford, CEO of Orbital Insight. “The partnership enables us to more quickly validate our hypotheses and understand a variety of trends in the commercial and humanitarian markets. Having access to this volume of data gives us the ability to visualize and analyze even larger areas of interest around the globe, allowing us to better understand the economic trends that are impacting industries and markets.”

The above image depicts how Orbital Insight is detecting building shadows in Nanjing, China to monitor construction rates in the area.

DigitalGlobe’s cloud-based Geospatial Big Data platform supports a new ecosystem in which partners, such as Orbital Insight, leverage their expertise to create new customer solutions without the substantial costs of owning and operating IT infrastructure.


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