Esri Startup Antris Launches Lone-Worker Safety Solution

Antris, one of the first Canadian companies to join the Esri Startup Program, has launched AntrisPRO, a cloud application that helps organizations increase the safety of travelling, work-alone and at-risk employees. The application uses ArcGIS, Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) platform, to enable real-time mapping updates of employee locations. Antris allows workers to check in through their mobile devices and sends automated notifications to supervisors when workers may be at risk.

Efficient trip planning and automated notifications
Before conducting field work, employees enter their trip plans into the AntrisPRO Web site or mobile application. AntrisPRO features a Web map on which workers can plot a series of locations along their route with expected arrival times that serve as checkpoints. When an employee does not check in via text message at a checkpoint, the application automatically executes a multi-step reminder and alert process that contacts the employee via text, e-mail and phone call to confirm their safety. If the worker does not respond, their manager receives an alert via e-mail and as a text message with their trip plan so that the information can be quickly forwarded to emergency responders if needed. AntrisPRO stores valuable data about each field worker including their trip history, vehicle information, medical conditions and allergies to enable rapid emergency response.

Comprehensive, real-time view of worker locations
AntrisPRO includes TracDash, a centralized dashboard for managers that features a live Web map of workers’ locations, as well as their trip progress. Through the dashboard, managers can generate customized reports and analyze individual and group workflows to effectively deploy resources.

Antris is available to organizations on a monthly subscription. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and is currently free for individual users.


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