Septentrio launches its GIS software – PinPoint-GIS

Septentrio, a designer and manufacturer of GNSS receiver announces a new software suite called PinPoint-GIS which makes GIS data collection and visualization straightforward. Septentrio’s PinPoint-GIS provides several methods of data collection, based on a standard web browser hosted on the Altus APS-NR2 and a mobile app integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS or other GIS mapping systems.

Any user of PinPoint-GIS benefits from bringing the data collection process into their familiar GIS environment. Data collected with Altus and Septentrio receivers is directly available in the user’s GIS application. This data is processed into the database without any intermediary steps, greatly reducing the time and complexity of the collection process for the user. This allows the user to focus on the project objectives by easily customizing and updating maps instead of losing time on the mechanics of data collection and transmission.

Altus APS-NR2 and GeoPod are well known for providing consistent and accurate data. Thanks to PinPoint-GIS, this data becomes seamlessly integrated with the GIS database. The data becomes easily accessible to the field worker though existing hardware such as commercial and ruggedized mobile devices, regardless of their operating system.

Septentrio will be presenting PinPoint-GIS at Esri AEC Summit, Manchester Grand Hyatt from July 18-21 and Esri User Conference, July 20-24. Both events take place in San Diego, California.


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