Trimble joins LASzip sponsors USACE, NOAA, and Quantum Spatial

Rapidlasso GmbH announces that Trimble’s Geospatial Division has become a sponsor of the LASzip compressor. Their contribution as a Bronze sponsor will improve the existing “LAS 1.4 compatibility mode” of LASzip whose creation and maintenance is already being supported by Gold sponsor NOAA and Bronze sponsor Quantum Spatial. The original Gold sponsor of the open source LASzip compressor was USACE – the US Army Corps of Engineers (see

The “LAS 1.4 compatibility mode” was created to provide immediate support for compressing the new LAS 1.4 point types by rewriting them as old point types and storing their new fields as “Extra Bytes”. As an added benefit this allows older software (without LAS 1.4 support) to access the newpoint types of LAS 1.4 files that would otherwise be unreadable. All important fields of the new point types 6 to 10 (i.e. those fields that matter to older software) are mapped to the corresponding fields of the older known point types 1, 3, or 5.

The Bronze sponsorship of Trimble’s Geospatial Division will pay for on-going improvements in the LASzip DLL and – in particular – add support for writing the new LAS 1.4 points in a streaming manner followed by an automated update of the bounding box and the point counters in the header.


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